Recent Case Studies

Lakeland Prosecco "Shelfie"

With over 50 years of experience offering an unrivalled collection of creative kitchenware and practical ideas for the home and garden, Lakeland were looking for something very different to display their popular range of Prosecco themed accessories.

Using our new VEND system we produced 70 stunning, bespoke Prosecco bottles, each with a pack size of just 100cm x 80cm x 10cm and weighing 15 kg. 

These eye-catching displays dominate the shop floor while using less floor space than an average shelf unit. Placed in prominent positions, our clever new product does the trick of attracting customers perfectly. The large photo-realistic units grab attention immediately. The perfect sensory detailing of an actual Prosecco bottle, while they also provide all the features and benefits of normal FSDU’s.


Produced from machine cut MDF parts inside they are designed for durability and longevity.


Pepsi Max 330ml can

Part of the Pepsi Max zero-calorie launch for their sugar-free drinks, we produced 250 4ft cans, which were used as part of a wider multi-channel campaign across Europe.

Each can features a detailed, photo-realistic wrap replicating the original product and branding.

Specifically designed to slot into flat boxes, just a little wider than a large pizza box, the shipping costs are highly economical. This design also incorporates the option for wraps to be updated with new flavours and seasonal promotions.

4.6m Shelby Cobra Car

Case Study Coming Soon