Presenting amazing, eye-catching displays that will stand out on the shop floor from all the other FSDU's and shelving displays like nothing you will find elsewhere!

The units look like the real thing, however, they also provide all the features and benefits of traditional merchanding units. They are strong and can hold as much, or if not more then traditional cardboard offerings.

Built to last, they flat pack for distribution, assemble quickly and can be easily rebranded to display a new product by just zipping over a new stretch fabric wrap directly over the initial frame supplied.


Designed to create maximum impact in busy retail, exhibition and event environments, or anywhere where a brand needs to stand out from the crowd.


  • Tailor-made 3D merchandising units for your brand designed to last and not fall apart. 

  • High visibility - Disruptive displays for semi-perm stock holding that will make your products pop out!

  • Can be refreshed and rewrapped for rebranding and product updates month upon month, year after year.

  • Compact flat-packed delivery to your customer's outlets with prices no one else can offer.

  • Unique patented system well above the flimsy and costly alternatives such as corrugated cardboard.

Just imagine a blown up replica of your product produced entirely from photographs and printed onto HD quality fabric. It can be opened at the front, sides, back or both.   Each opening will expose custom shelving space which is connected and part of the frame inside. Each shelf is packed with your products giving the ultimate in retail branding.

You can buy in bulk, all flat packed and ready to go, then send them out to your distributor's locations and be confident your merchandising unit is not just selling your products but also causing disruptive branding 24/7.

Specially designed for heavy products or cases.


As an alternative to shelving, we can offer a version which simply wraps around multi packs of products that are stacked on the floor. Aimed at increasing impulse sales whilst solving the weight issues of heavy products. 

They also have the ability to allow a re-wrap at a low cost every time a new brand, creative or product derivative is launched. Just imagine being able to send out a new wrap each time you launch a new product.



  • In the initial stages, you can email a photo of your product and tell us the size and weight.  We will then do some calculations to determine the height, width, number of shelves and capacity of products it can hold.


  • A set of visuals can be provided to show you how it will look and once you approve we can produce a  "pre-production" model and send it out to you.


  • Be as innovative and creative as you like. Remember with our system, we achieve what is usually not possible with cardboard, especially from a 3D perspective.


  • Lastly, our business is geared up for volume. This means the more you order the lower the unit price will become.



  • Do you have clients that would love to swap there existing POS for a more permanent and disruptive merchandising unit?


  • Do you have CAD cutting equipment and packing capabilities in house?


  • If so we may be able to work with you on a part production basis 

  • We provide the necessary CAD files which allow the production of the internal structures using your existing cutting equipment. There is a real opportunity to have much greater control over pricing and lead times this way


  • Our factory will print, cut and hand sew the fabric wraps in tandem which are then sent out for putting together with the frames and shipping out to your client (white labelled if required)



Have a project in mind and not to sure where to start then please get in touch we are always happy to help.