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3D Model Replica in an Envelope

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The world’s most expensive Ferrari costs around 70 million dollars!

Do you know anyone who would like their own Ferrari 450 GTO… well, a cardboard version!

Much smaller and far cheaper, our photorealistic version is the closest match to the real thing.

We are expanding our consumer & gifting innovations and we have been developing game changing craft models aimed at the toy market using our unique StackaWraps patented & patent pending 3D technology.

Perfect additions for gifting and toy lines, these 3D kits will be available in 4 parts that fit into an envelope, easy to assemble and offer sustainable ‘un-plugged’ time for busy hands and minds.

We are also working on many other themes, so we are open to your ideas and suggestions from cars, characters, animals, and landmarks and so much more.

What would your favourite model be ? Distributors required for this game changing concept, please email for more details


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