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3D Printing Licensing

Established Global Print Service Providers
Increase your margins & attract new clients

Add a profitable, fresh dimension to your existing cardboard business with zero outlay for new equipment or staff.

If you are an established print service provider meeting our criteria, you will be able to send us your flat art files that we then run through our specialist software and apply a special 3D technique that converts into a series of panels incorporating a lock and tab system called the Master Files.

The files are sent back “ready to go” and printed onto cardstock and then cut out using CNC or die-cutting equipment.
They are then assembled and presented to your client. Further copies can then be produced under license.


Tick all the boxes for sustainability - The major concern for brands in 2021.

Full photo-realism, we get the closest finish and shape to the real thing.

Quick service – files converted in days


Go as big as you like, no extra cost 

Precision – CNC cut panels fold together to push out a panoramic model.

Inter-locking tab system secures panels in place.

Flatpack design – modular and efficient – easy to ship and assemble.


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