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Stockholding capacity available

Fully 3D brand matching product replicas

4-5” tall disruptive displays

Assorted designs for shelving integration

Free standing, bridged, or strutted

Indicative pricing available on request

3D Display Stand and 3D Product Replicas

Our 3d product display stand and point of sale display is the perfect way to showcase your product line. Our product display stands will hold 3D replicas of your product as well as keep your product stocked on store shelves. Our product display stands can be used in all types of retail outlets, and are the perfect way to bring new customers into your store.

You can use our Stackawraps cardboard merchandising displays to draw attention to your products. These displays are light weight and used in many retail stores around the world to sell products.

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Our 3d product display stand is the perfect way for any business to display their products in a way that is eye-catching and memorable.  Our lightweight, free-standing, durable, and sustainable product displays are easy to setup and provide stockholding capability. 

Our point of sale display stand is a great way to attract new customers and entice current customers to make additional purchases.

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