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How Cool is This 3D Display!!

Awesome POS display execution by Drummond Atlanta, integrating StackaWraps 3D sustainable technology.

The following is from Drummond's Director of Innovation James Thorpe

The Rheem team approached us after we presented some dimensional samples to their agency. They wanted to bring attention to some of the features of their new first of it’s kind Hybrid Hot water heater. While discussing the features, I thought it would be great idea to expose some of the innerworkings of the tank. That’s when we decided to do a rendering of the internals that would expose the insides when you open the outer shell of the display tank. We were able to accomplish this by sourcing adhesive hinges as well as the of use magnets that would allow the outer panel to swing open to expose the inner tank features. This was deployed to over 500 Distributers to help educate consumers on the advantages and features of the new Hybrid water heater


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